AutoMagicis a concierge automotive Bodyshop & Detailing service created to provide automobile enthusiast with a Detailing and Paint Correction service superior than any other detail shop. Our approach to correcting imperfections in your paint work is methodical.

AutoMagic was founded in 2002 by professionals who had already spent years in the car detailing business. We operate in DUBAI, where we have a dedicated shop and also offer complete Bodyshop services under one roof for your convenience. We also perform accurate car paint correction services, ceramic coating, and interior cleaning for all types of cars. Our services are affordable and highly-specialized, which ensures remarkable results.

A 100% Emarati business that’s been around for over 18 years must have been doing something right. And it always starts & ends with its customers. A business doesn’t get to stay around long in DUBAI, if it provides an inferior product.

Our goal is to provide you with exceptional personal service and a show car quality finish. We will clean, decontaminate and perfectly polish your vehicle better than you would imagine.

Set up an appointment with AutoMagic today and make use of our seamless car paint correction or any of our other car detailing services! Call us at 050- to book an appointment.

Here are more offers you can gain from choosing us:

  • We are experienced. We have spent the better part of a decade honing our skills and can provide you with an expert auto waxing service every time.
  • We are specialists. We have extensive knowledge and amazing technique when it comes to the services we provide.
  • We pay great attention to detail. We work with great dexterity and perfectionism in order to achieve the desired results.
  • Customer satisfaction is our main concern.
  • We give free estimates. Ours is a business built on honesty and transparency. To this end, we offer free quotes prior to every service.
  • We use high-end materials. Only high-quality waxes, sealants, and paints will come anywhere near your vehicle.

When you get your automobile serviced at AutoMagic you’re getting more than just a cleaning; you’re getting a vehicular rejuvenation. You’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that a business with over 18 years of experience is making your vehicle look the best it can. And with new improvements on the way you can rest assure that the facility & the staff who assist you are there for only one reason: to make your vehicle look as perfectly as possible.

Our passion for cleaning vehicles is apparent and our workmanship and personal service sets us apart from the competition. We work with a variousOEM Dealerships and their expectations exceed our workmanship in Bodyshop repair work.

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