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    Wheel Rim Repair & Painting

    Wheel Rim Repair & Painting

    Wish to bring restore your car’s alloy wheels back to a factory condition? Nobody can do it better than us! At Auto Magic, we understand that you wouldn’t like a scuffed or scraped alloy wheel on your vehicle. For this reason, we ensure that our esteemed clients receive outstanding services of wheel rim restoration in Dubai.

    Choose Us For Alloy Wheel Refurbishment In Dubai

    Our focus is on the quality of the repair, not quantity. Whether you are having one wheel straightened or a whole set of wheels repaired, powder coated, and changed to a new color rest assured that it will be a job well done. Curb damaged wheels, bent rims, and cracked alloy wheel barrels are restored to OEM factory condition, inside and out, with a coating that will last in harsh conditions for years to come. The end results keep us going. To see how beautiful an alloy wheel turns out after it has been refinished, or how round and perfectly balanced a bent alloy wheel becomes after being straightened has kept us motivated over the years.


    The highly skilled and trained team of car technicians at Auto Magic can restore your alloys to their original finish and color. Not only that, we can also update their appearance with a color of your choice. The procedure is hassle-free and swift, and will begin with our team discussing your requirements with you to get a better understanding of what you want. You can rest-assured that our technicians will be available at all times to discuss the best finish for your wheels. With us, you can expect nothing but the best!

    Why Choose Us?

    Auto Magic was established with the sole purpose of providing world class services to its clients across the UAE. Ever since our inception, we have strived hard to ensure that our esteemed clients benefit from top of the range car detailing services. Over the years, we have built an excellent reputation by providing exceptional quality services of car alloy wheel rim repair in Dubai. Our team realizes how easily alloy wheel rims get damaged, particularly by potholes and curb stones. We also understand that car owners wish for economical and fast rim repair to get their vehicles on the road. This is easily possible, as we offer quick and cost-effective repair services. With our rapid restoration process that is carried out using state-of-the-art equipment, we will repair and refurbish the alloy rim, and make sure that it matches the original paint finish. Not only that, our trained technicians will further take steps to re-lacquer the wheels too. For a fraction of the cost of a complete replacement, your wheel rims will look as good as new! H2: Get Your Wheels Refurbished By Experts With a specialty in wheel repairs, we offer complete refurbishment and repairing services for alloy wheels. Our specialized team uses world-class finishing machines and ensures that the finish is restored to being as good as new.

    We are here to help with:

    • Bent wheel rim repair and rebalancing

    • Refurbishment services for Diamond cut alloy wheels

    • Alloy wheel rim welding and rebalancing


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